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My name is Christina and my husband's name is Mike. We have two daughters, Jillian and Evelyn. We have been on a journey of healing and restoration, mending wounds caused by trauma. We have experienced firsthand many of the challenges and consequences of a lack of support for people in crisis. We desire to share what we have learned through our own experiences and the training we have gained, in the hope that others will find the support they need to begin their own healing journey. We have many hopes and dreams, this is the place where we will share those with you as well as helpful information and insights we have gained along the way. To learn more about Christina click here.

Butterfly Embroidery

“There is a rhythm in discernment: out to do research, in to reflect; out to explore my own agendas, in to explore God's; out to talk to others, in to talk to God... We must be courageous enough to ask for wisdom and patient enough to wait for it to be given.”

Evan B. Howard


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